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2023 Wedding Trends

Hello, 2023 Weddings! Let’s take some time to dive into some of our favorite 2023 trends that we are seeing throughout the wedding planning community and within our clients!

Micro Wedding

Micro Weddings are some of our all-time favorites to plan! There are so many beautiful things about micro weddings, but personalization and intimacy are at the top! These smaller weddings allow families the opportunity to spend quality time together and make the special moment even more incredible. Another great attribute of a smaller wedding is that your overall wedding budget can be utilized in a way to give your gathering a luxury feel. Just imagine having a catering budget of $8,000 and serving 30 guests compared to 150 guests! Talk about great quality food and may I mention a private chef possibly?!

Unique Floral Arrangements

Bold, Unique, and Daring floral arrangements are another 2023 wedding trend that we have been more than excited about. Let’s step out of the box and create something that screams YOU! First, let’s talk Ground Arches. These are a great way to add beautiful florals to your ceremony without blocking your incredible Colorado backdrop. In these arches, you can add pops of color to tie in with your overall color scheme. Florals really do make ALL the difference in photos, trust me you are going to want beautiful real florals! There have been many unique and fun ideas with floral arrangements this season and we are so excited to see more whimsical bouquets and bold colors when choosing florals.

Elevated Dining Experience

Great food at your wedding is a must! We will be seeing many more private chefs hired for our 2023 wedding season. On the topic of micro weddings and smaller gatherings, we are able to put together an elevated menu for you and your guests. Some of the unique plates we will be trying this wedding season are blueberry brie and bacon focaccia bites! Talk about mouth-watering!! Also, think about incorporating a late-night snack. Having an option for late-night snack after the reception is a lifesaver after a long day. Think about all the fun you will have on the dance floor, that is going to need some refueling! A few treats we are looking forward to seeing this season are sliders, fries, and crepes!

Let’s get to planning your 2023 wedding or event with these awesome trends in mind!

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