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What does a Wedding Planner do? Let me tell you.

What does a Wedding Planner really do? The question I have been asked too many times to count. The question that I am sure my family and closest friends can not even answer. The job as a Wedding Planner is often misunderstood but, “today, I want to answer the question once and for all, ‘What does a wedding planner do.’”

In short, a Wedding Planner is your guiding light, shoulder to cry on, and wedding planning friend. Planning a wedding for the first time can be daunting, I mean what isn’t daunting when it’s completely new to you? Like I said I will be your guiding light! I will be with you from the very beginning, helping secure vendors, bring visions to life, and most importantly helping take the stress off your shoulders. My main job and goal is for your amazing day to be nothing short of well… AMAZING! Remember your day is about YOU and with that being said I do not want you worrying about a single detail on your big day!

You are probably thinking “Do I really need a wedding planner? I am super crafty and love planning events.” In short, the answer is YES! You should not have to worry about anything for YOUR big day! While you may love planning and creating YOUR big day, let me be your planning friend and guide. I will help bring all YOUR visions to life by finding the right vendors, creating realistic budgets, and most importantly keeping everything running smoothly on the day of YOUR wedding!

Most importantly I am here to listen to all of YOUR great visions, provide ideas and insight if needed, and most importantly be your wedding planning friend and guide for a fun and smooth running planning process!

Blissful Moment Events would love to get in touch with you and make these visions come to life!

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