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When to Send Wedding Invitations

Great! If you've been busy planning your wedding day, it's time to start thinking about your wedding invitations. Have you ever wondered, "What information should be included in a wedding invitation and when should I send them out?"

Blissful Moment Events has put together some very helpful tips to help you think ahead and prepare.

Timely preparation makes the process easier and faster.

Your Best Bet - Domestic Weddings

Save the Dates:

As a general rule, you should submit your stay dates about six months before the wedding. This gives guests a timely alert that will make planning their attendance easier and ultimately increasing the amount of positive feedback you'll get later.


Ideally, the best time to send out wedding invitations is six to eight weeks before the wedding. Not only will this give your guests more time to schedule the day, but it also means you can ask for feedback from your wedding guests sooner (two to three weeks before your wedding is appropriate). This will allow you to make the final count and finalize your venue planning before the end of the wedding week. At the latest, guests should receive an official invitation six weeks in advance, and you should ask for a response two weeks before the big day.

Important Tips:

  1. Save the Dates (6 months prior)

  2. Designing invites

  3. Ordering vintage stamps if desired

  4. Envelopes that require hand-processing take more time

  5. Hire Custom calligraphy if desired

  6. Curate a mailing list

  7. Official send off (6-8weeks prior)

  8. Receive RSVPs (2 weeks prior)

  9. Official guest count

For Destination Weddings

For Destination Weddings as soon as possible! If you're asking guests to book accommodation and travel, it's best to give them plenty of time to organize their plans. Therefore, it will last longer than a house wedding, where the standard is six months for save the dates. For a destination wedding, Blissful Moment Events recommends sending save the dates nine to twelve months in advance, if possible, to make sure they're on the calendars of the people you want to meet there. You can also include the guest's travel details at this point, instead of in the invitation.

Important Tips:

  • Send Save the Dates (9-12 months prior)

  • Send invitations (3-4 months prior)

  • List of lodging accommodations and any group discounts

  • List of available modes of transportation and any group discounts

Knowing When to Send

Knowing when to send out invitations is key to a smooth planning process. With destination weddings, the events that follow, and not to mention all the festivities leading up to the wedding itself (like engagements and wedding receptions), there's a lot of moving parts to follow when it comes to weddings and sending invitations. So we hope today's breakdown in when to send wedding invitations helps you!

If you would like further assistance we would love to get in touch with YOU!

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