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How We Curate Ideas for Weddings

Curating ideas for your own wedding can become a daunting task. You don’t want the typical “cookie cutter” wedding and have it look like every other wedding that has been in your town or venue. That is why we LOVE to help our clients come up with a curated wedding design inspired by their love, interests, and of course color palette of choice! Sometimes our clients come to us with a vision that is disorganized and we are able to dive into what they specifically like from each photo and design something based on the elements they like from the photo. Each design board is created with so much care keeping budget, vision, and most importantly our lovely couple in mind! Let me give you a deeper look into how we curate ideas for our clients' weddings.

How we come up with ideas

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas! This portion of the process can sometimes be messy. We love to take our clients' Pinterest boards and pick apart each and every photo and find elements that flow together, speak something about the couple and their love, and most importantly we spin it to fit a new look. We love to create mood boards and inspiration boards based on what we hear from our couples in order to get an idea of how their perfect day will look! We also draw inspiration from other weddings, stylized shoots, and other gallery images from our stock. To make every event unique, we dive into our creativeness and find new ideas for not only our team, but for our venues and couples as well!

How we present the ideas to couples or clients

When we are creating a vision for you, we gather ideas from different platforms and weave these bits of inspiration into reality. When gathering ideas and inspiration, we are doing research on other companies and brands with the same vision as us and our couple. This makes this process so much more lively when we are able to relate to others and have the correct materials for the discussed vision of the wedding. Our couples and clients will be presented with all of this information through our digital design platform, allowing them to really dive into what their day will look like. During the day of the wedding, we will have a specific timeline that is created with the client's overview that helps the day flow flawlessly from sun up to sun down. For months on end, we are able to put all of the details and overviews on the wedding day together. On that special date, our clients will be able to enjoy their day with us behind the scenes, having everything flow smoothly and no little detail to be missed.

How we curate what you need

The process of making our clients' dreams come to life is longer than you might expect. Throughout the months of planning, we are pulling vision ideas and creating mood boards to match the perfect aesthetic. After this initial step, we are able to reach out to some of our local vendors in the area of your ceremony. After getting to know our local rental companies, florists, and more, we are able to match our couples with the perfect brands, companies, and styles that they are looking for. Once we put together a list of vendors, forists, photographers, and more, we sit with our clients to get their approval to move forward with the next steps. We always offer a few choices to our clients so they will have the final say in the decision making process. Having the ideas for your wedding and letting us create that for our clients is the most important and exciting part of our jobs as wedding planners.

Finding ideas for weddings is a process in itself. Establishing a good basis to work off can change the overall experience at our clients’ weddings and make a world of difference when it comes to life as their dream day. Wedding planning takes months and months of coordinating and planning, which we are always happy to do for our clients. To learn more about wedding planning, our process, and prices, please visit our website and our other blogs.

We look forward to chatting with you soon!

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